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Environmental Responsibility

Reducing the impact on the environment

Green Technology Solutions

Environment and Carbon Reduction

Building towards a more prosperous future

EPA Certifications

Our Origin Engines division currently holds 28 EPA certifications for alternative fuel engines

Number #1

Our BluePrint Engines division has received certificate number 1 issued by SEMA for their 49 state SEMA Certified Program.

California Air Resource Board (C.A.R.B.)

BluePrint Engines routinely works with the California Air Resources board to seek CARB Executive orders for engines and components.

EPA Compliant Lab

We operate our own EPA compliant emissions lab with multifuel capabilities in house.

Raw Gas Engines

Our Origin Engines division calibrates and certifies engines to run on raw gas in the oil fields, while meeting EPA tailpipe emisions, and eliminating waste and pollution from flaring gas off instead. Leading to an ultra low emission package for alternative fuel engines

Reduce Dyno Time

Over 3 years we have reduced in house Hot/dyno test time. Thereby reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 60%.

Growing Green

At our corporate office in Nebraska, we plant 100 acres of crops, those crops absorb 1.6 million tons of carbon every year.

A green planet will make a difference.

Our corporate philosophy is forward-thinking

Why Choose Us

Waste Reduction

Reducing environmental impact


Replaced wood pallets with returnable dunnage, saving 69,000 or 91 trees worth of lumber a year.


Annually we recycle 47,000 lbs of steel, 627,000 lbs of iron, and 53,000 lbs of aluminum. These materials are used to make new steel & aluminum parts.

Reduced Consumption

Reduced the business’ water consumption over 8,024,000 gallons per year over the last 5 years. Reduced machine coolant disposal by 6,000 gallons a year, by installing a recycling system.

Minimize Impact

Reduced and separated our waste streams to reduce landfill usage. Created a program to work with vendors to minimize packaging waste.