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BluePrint Engines

New Engines for Classics Cars and Replica Vehicles

Check out the gallery below for examples of some of the vehicles that are powered by a BluePrint Engine.

Origin Engines: Built for Work

Powerful Industrial Engines Engineered for your Specific Application

generator web
Power Generation With Origin Engines, you can achieve increased power density and lower cost per kW. Couple that efficiency with outstanding reliability and long life and you have an engine that can make a powerful difference.
oil and gas web
Oil & Gas There is no day off in the oil field. Origin Engines are rugged, tough and steady performers under some of the most demanding conditions imaginable.
mobile equipment web
Mobile Equipment Innovative design and efficiency help you reduce your carbon footprint with ultra-low emissions. Improved performance and outstanding reliability extend maintenance intervals while reducing labor costs and shut-down times.
onhighway web
On Highway Our engines are engineered to handle the brutal day-to-day, start-and-stop demands of commercial vehicles navigating both congested city streets and wide open highway.
marine web
Marine Origin Engines is making waves in the marine market, leaving the competition in its wake by pushing performance and reliability to new levels.
Forestry and Ag web
Forestry & Ag From the rigorous demands of commercial forestry equipment to the critical reliance of dependable of irrigation systems, Origin Engines are right at home in the outdoors, delivering consistent power and performance over the long haul.

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