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Teamwork is the key to success.

In 2020, we embarked on an employee ownership program. Currently, 15 employees are stockholders of the company.

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Our culture

Our Core Values

Respect the individual and grow our team members. Push each other for success. Our motto is – “Great companies are made of regular people given a chance to be great.”

Initiatives to grow and strengthen our team.


Provide Internal leadership training programs


Implemented a Learning management system, 10% of the content is not work related but for personal and family growth.

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Heathy Employees, Healthy Company

Overall Wellbeing

  • In 2021, we brought in house “Ergonomic Assessments” by bringing in house, medical professionals. Resulting in a reduction in sprains and strains and a 92% reduction in recordable incident rate. 
  • Provide all employees with Annual health screening and wellness checkups.
  • Implemented Find it Fix it program allowing employees a voice in how we do our work safely. 
Supporting Local

Home Grown Strength

  • We have created and launched a High School Coop program, that includes college tuition.
  • Not every student is destined for a 4-year school. We support those kids wanting to get in to trades. Our program begins as a Senior in High School working Part time followed by a scholarships to trade school.

Humane Sourcing

Strategic initiatives to conduct sourcing on a global level with respect to Conflict Mineral and Human Rights laws in addition to Geopolitical consideration