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Producing Engines for the Future

Life Changing Innovations

Standardized Efficiency

Our BluePrint Engines division recently created 12 new engines that are 50 state legal, for Ford and GM vehicles

EPA Certified Engines​

Many of our products are certified by the EPA.

Just this year, we certified 6 new engines with EPA compliant emissions, in some cases slashing the standard tail pipe emissions by 60%!

Assisting the Power Grid

We are developing products for the GenSet market to support industries that use alternative fuel gensets in Demand Response, and Micro Grids. These will be used to support the National Power Grid transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Our engines can be a “bridge” to green — meaning we are developing engines specifically for use in demand response generators. The generators support the power grid when renewable fuels can and are more flexible and cleaner that coalfired plants.

Hydrogen Fuel Systems

We believe hydrogen can be a great alternative to fossil fuels. We are currently embarking on a hydrogen fuel system with zero tailpipe emissions.


Renewable fuels, such as bio diesel and ethanol have the advantage of being carbon neutral – no new or additional carbon is added to our atmosphere. Our fuel systems are compatible for these types of fuels.

EV Conversions

In 2021, our engineering group began to study the possibility of supplying a highly developed EV conversion kit. This would replace internal combustions engines in both on highway and off highway applications.